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The Tropical-PitTrop-integration project, an initiative of the Research Committee of the Instituto de Medicina Tropical de São Paulo (IMTSP), aims to integrate the graduate students (masters, doctoral and postdoctoral) crowded at IMTSP, through the presentation of summary of their projects in development at the institution to colleagues and teachers.

The event typically occurs on the last Friday of the months of April, June and September, now starting at 11 o’clock, in Carlos Chagas amphitheaters or Waldomiro Sesay Jr. Three students have about 15 minutes each to present their projects in development in the laboratories of IMTSP, with 5 minutes open for discussion with the audience.

In continuing the integration initiative, at the end of the presentations there is always a snack of fraternization (now offered from 12 to 13 hours), sponsored by one of the leaders of IMTSP research.

In this way, the Research Committee meets one of his goals is to stimulate the exchange of information among students, as well as provide them the opportunity to receive suggestions, thus, the IMTSP carries out its role in the implementation of the integration of its researchers.