The Post-Doctoral Program of the Institute of Tropical Medicine of São Paulo of USP is a research incentive program, aimed at professionals with a doctorate degree.

As a proponent and principal executor of research, the candidate for the program must be a holder of a curriculum that demonstrates his or her ability to conduct research in the health area, which will be done under the supervision of one or more of the Laboratory staff, where the research will be carried out.

The program is governed by Resolution CoPq nº 7406, of 10/3/2017.

  • the postdoctoral candidate must hold a doctorate degree obtained for a maximum of 7 years; after this period, it is suggested to register as a Collaborative Researcher.
  • in the case of teachers and employees, they may participate in the post-doctoral program, provided that they are in a different Unit from which they are bound and removed from their duties.
  • in the case of participation with or without a scholarship, the postdoctor can develop the project on a part-time basis, with a minimum dedication of 20 hours per week, provided that it is approved by the Research Committee.
  • fulfill a minimum load of 960 hours (40 hours, would be 6 months without interruption) to complete the program and be entitled to the certificate.

Submission of projects may be carried out by the Supervisor or the Research Committee at: