IMT offers compulsory and unpaid internship (one defined as such in the course design, whose workload is requirement for approval and obtaining the diploma) students enrolled in undergraduate courses in the areas of life sciences and health.

To perform the stage, the person concerned must be approved by a supervisor of our laboratories and their home institution must be partner with IMT in accordance with Federal Law No. 11,788/2008.
If the agreement does not already exist, it will be necessary to formalize it. For both the person concerned should establish contact with the stage of your institution or with the Internship Coordinator of your course.

Click here for the list of documents needed for formalization of agreements of stages. This list must be presented to the institution of origin, in order to take science and agree with the documentation to be submitted.

The existing agreement, the student must contact the Technical Academic Division of IMT for drafting the compromise Term of internship.

The Covenants for providing training course are approved internally in the IMT and the Rectory of the University of São Paulo, being the beginning of the training course conditioning to these approvals.
Click here to view the list of participating Institutions.

If there is interest in doing your internship at IMT, forward email to with the following data:

  • Name
  • Email and phone
  • Course
  • Semester
  • Institution
  • IMT laboratory where you want to intern
  • Duration of internship