USP Recycles


The Commission shall be responsible for USP Recycles:

I – defining the different roles and responsibilities of its members;

II-develop, together with the Committee on Campus/QSD, planning, as well as perform and implement the strategic actions in the IMTSP of reference, following the principles, mission and program guidelines USP Recycles;

III – the Commission on Campus/QSD their workplans;

IV – evaluate, assess and support Local sustainability projects on Campus/QSD under the IMTSP;

V – support the actions proposed by working group (s), as well as of them participate;

Vi – collaborate with other committees of other units and the Campus/QSD of origin and/or of other campuses, exchanging experiences and sharing information of interest to the implementation of the programme at the University;

VII – execute and implement the projects and proposals prepared by the Group (s) of Work, approved by the Steering Committee in annual planning;

VIII – prepare reports and biannual stock swings, to be presented to the Local Coordinator and leader of the IMTSP.


José Ailton de Sá Pereira

Profa. Dr. Hiro Goto

Technical Administrative Servers
Ana Maria Gonçalves da Silva
José Ailton de Sá Pereira
Sergio Roberto de Souza Leão da Costa Campos

Student Representative
Cristina de Freitas Nunes


(11) 3061-8684