Genetics Applied to Infectious Diseases


The laboratory of Genetics Applied to f Infectious Diseases coordinates the SaMiTrop study in collaboration with the FEDERAL UNIVERSITY of MINAS GERAIS (
This study, part of the Tropical Medicine Research Institutes of the NIAID (
The Group also coordinates the study REDS in Brazil on Transfusion Safety and sickle cell disease (
The lab is part of the Premium Network of medical school being Center for sequencing on the platform Ion Torrent and more recently Nanopore. (
Our focus is the study of the microbioma in infectious diseases


  • Anna Sara Levin, PhD
  • Silvia Figueiredo Costa, PhD
  • Camila Fonseca Rizek
  • Dahir Ramos de Andrade Júnior, PhD
  • Ícaro Boszczowski, PhD
  • Lauro Vieira Perdigão, PhD
  • Maura Salaroli de Oliveira, PhD
  • Thais Guimarães, PhD
  • Maria Luísa do Nascimento Moura, PhD
  • Sania Alves dos Santos
  • Renata Desordi Lobo Soares
  • Beatriz Sousa Dias
  • Marjorie Vieira Batista


  • By sequencing methodology Ion Torrent and Nanopore
  • Microbioma analysis


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